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Frequently Asked Questions
How do I become a John Bead Customer?
  Our customers include Retailers, Manufacturers, Distributors, Designers, Home Based Business with business licence, Educational Institutions.
  In order to become a John Bead Customer you must be trade related. Customers can visit and purchase in our showroom in Toronto - Located at 20 Bertrand Avenue, Toronto Ontario. E-mail
  All Customers:
a) Proof of business registration: Copy of Business License, Vendor's Permit, or Business Registration
b) Full contact information including mailing address, shipping address, person to contact, phone number, fax number, and e-mail address if available.
c) Download & Complete the "New Customer Application Form"
  Ontario Customers Only:
d) If PST Exempt please include copy of Blanket Form
  US Customers Only:
e) Must include IRS Number or Federal Tax Number for Shipping through Customs
  International Customers Only:
f) Proof of Business as applies to Country in which you reside
How do I Login?
1) On our home page there is a "WHOLESALE CUSTOMERS" icon - Click On It
2) On the left hand side of the screen is a RED bar "Customer Login" - Click On It
3) You are now being asked for your �username� and �password�
4) Enter both pieces of information in the appropriate field and Click On �Login�
5) You are now in our system and you will be able to view all pricing information
6) You are now able to order online directly from our website
If you have any difficulties, email us at
1. Do you have a store we can shop in person?
  Open to the public, located at 20 Bertrand Avenue, Toronto. For directions to the outlet please follow this link or contact us at: or call 416 - 757 -3287
2. How can I pay for my purchases?
  We accept payment by Credit Card (Visa or Master Card), Money Order, Business Cheque with Credit Card Verification, or Interact Transactions in Showroom only, or Terms with the completion of Credit Application (must have established account for 12 months). See form "Customer Credit Application"
3. Is there a charge for shipping? How much?
  Shipping is charged according to Weight, Destination and number of boxes being shipped.
4. Is there a charge for becoming a member?
  There are no membership fees or charges for becoming a John Bead customer. In order to keep your account active you must purchase over $2000.00 in merchandise per year.
5. What is the time frame between placing order and receiving?
  Orders are generally processed within 24 hours and shipped. Length of time before receipt depends on destination of order.
6. Why do I need proof of business?
  We require proof of business registration to distinguish business wholesale buyers from retail buyers.
7. What type of proof of business do you accept?
  We accept Vendors Permit, Business License, or Business Registration.
9. What do you sell?
  We carry over 80,000 products including Beads, Stones, Sequins, Appliques, Buttons, Buckles, Trims, Threads, Cords, Lacing, Wire, Bridal, Floral, Ribbons, Seedbeads, General Crafts, Birds, Feathers, Skins, Masks, Pendants, Findings, Dolls & Doll Parts, Miniatures, Glues, Sprays, Paints, Transfers, Tools, Books, and Miscellaneous Items.
10. Do you have a sales rep. in my area?
  We have local sales reps across Canada & United States. Our in house sales department takes orders and assists customers from all over North America.
11. How long does it take to get my backorder?
  Backorder delivery depends on date of purchase by our company and varies with products and its origin.
12. How do I use the new price book?  
  The new price book product codes start with 3 digits for product location. These numbers refer to the sections and can be found on the first page of product categories. By using the product categories list you should have no trouble finding pricing. For example (65001002 product no. - the location would be the 650 Seedbeads).
14. Can I place an order On-line?
  Orders can be placed through the Quick Order Sheet or by Browsing through our product categories.
Order on-line through our e-Store and receive PRIORITY_PROCESSING
15. Do you have a minimum purchase?
  First order minimum is $500.00. Subsequent orders are $300.00 minimum.
To have an account remain active a minimum yearly purchase of $2000.00 must be maintained.

16. What is your method of shipping?
  We ship the most economical method for our customers. Usually Canada Post, United Parcel Service, or Sameday Rightaway Courier Service. We also ship charged to customer's account by any other shipping methods available.
17. Do you have a return of merchandise policy?
  In order to return product to John Bead you must obtain a RMA (return merchandise authorization) from our order department.
Returns only within 10 days of invoice date.
All showroom claims for invoicing errors and discrepancies accepted within 10 days.
No credit for damaged or wrong merchandise shipped - items will be replaced, credit only if not in stock.
No returns or credits for special orders, cut items, wearable items.
No refunds - credit to account only - Credit will stay on file only for 6 months. All Clearance Sales are Final.
Restocking charge is 20%.
18. What are your hours of operation?
  Showroom Hours: Mon - Fri, 9am-4pm
Office Hours: Mon - Fri, 9am - 5pm
19. How can I place an order?
  Shop in person at our Toronto Showroom Address: 20 Bertrand Avenue Toronto, Ontario M1L_2P4
  Order on-line through our e-Store at and receive PRIORITY_PROCESSING
  E-mail w/attachment to
  Fax in your order to (416) 757-1069, outside the Toronto area 1-(888) 545-9999
  Phone our sales department at (416) 757-3287 ext. 229, Toll-Free: 1-(888) 755-9055
20. What is a price break?
  A price break is a volume discount on quantities purchased of the same product. (Colours not always a factor in volume discounts)
21. I can't see some of the buttons or they won't work for me
  You must have the Macromedia Flash Plugin installed. You may download it by clicking here (download)
1 . What is base metal?
  Any non-precious metal e.g. copper, zinc, nickel, brass
2 . What is a Rhodium?
  Rhodium is a precious metal, a member of the platinum family. Rhodium electroplating is used, especially on jewelry, to provide a surface that will resist scratches and tarnish, and give a white, reflective appearance.
3 . What are three characteristic features with Rhodium?
  Precious metal
Member of the platinum family

Long lasting metal plating
Resistant to scratches and tarnish

White reflective appearance
Makes for great jewellery making
4 . What is Hamilton gold?
  Brass toned with a tiny amount of real gold
Brass to which a tiny amount of gold has been added
5 . What is the base material for hematite?
  The base material is iron
6 . What are three characteristics of bond 527?
  Dries clear
Tube has a fine tip applicator for precision projects.
An excellent strong holding cement
Dries quickly because of Acetone